Erolyssa IV
Skill Restless Blades II
Evolution 16px Template:4/4
Max Level 99
Rarity Epic
Growth Normal
Worth 8,169 Gold
Race Gender Tradable Sacrificable
Unknown 50px Non-Tradable Sacrificable
ID 404
Auto-attack ATK (100% * 1)
Position Dependent

Base 4,032 3,875 3,114 3,931 3,888
Max 8,988 7,495 8,624 9,487 11,188
PE 11,556 10,165 11,174 12,714 14,258
Note: PE Stats is 2x1*, 4x1* or 8x1*, fully leveled.


  • Where have you seen Erolyssa IV?

Evolution Line

  1. 40px Erolyssa I
  2. 40px Erolyssa II
  3. 40px Erolyssa III
  4. 40px Erolyssa IV

Other Media

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